Understanding Different Team Types

SD BEACH Has Many levels of teams. Rec, Local and Travel teams. Understanding this can be tough so below we will carefully explain each type of team.

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This Graphic is not always accurate by the exact day but a good reference to what you will see over a year.

Rec Teams

Rec Teams are the first step of a beginner. On a rec team athletes will practice 1 day a week and have games in our gym on Fridays. Rec leagues run from the end of May and go through mid August. Rec Leagues are for Girls and Boys. They are the most affordable option with the least required commitment.

Local Teams

Local Teams train two days a week for two hours each. These teams are coached by experienced coaches and are challenged to maximize groth. Competitions for these teams occur in san Diego anywhere from Poway to our own facility. Local teams are set up in seasons with a tryout and then training and competition over a preset season. At Genuine we treat our Travel and Local teams the same as far as how we approach training. We use the same coaches in both programs and they will find the current level of each team and work with the genuine system to continue developing the athletes. We have two types of Local Teams; Local Club and Local Open. Local Club teams are more focussed on getting athletes experience and will have more focus on getting each athlete to play. Local Open teams are focussed on a higher degree of competition for play time but athletes should still get experience in each match.

Travel Teams

Our Travel Select, National and Premier Level Teams play in the Premier Volleyball League or the Southern California Volleyball Association. These are the most competetive league in the Nation and Our teams train 2 to 3 times a week and Strength train 2 x a week to make sure we are ready to compete. These teams have National qualifiers out of state and play most of their league play. The Travel Program is designed to assist athletes in a competitive focus. We want halp develop the best Middle School and High School athletes who are ready to compete at the college level and beyond. Travel teams do not have even game play time and athletes compete within their team unit to grow and take on the competition.