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How to Get Started

When looking into volleyball there are many different strategies and entry points to the game. If you are just getting started we reccomend that your athletes get started with Rec Leagues, Camps or Jrs clinics. These prograns can help your athlete experience the game with little commitment. We do Rec Leagues from May thru August. We have Genuine JRs all year on Fridays and we have camps from June through August and at Holiday Breaks

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Ready for a Team?

Once your athlete has decided they want more its time to join a team. We have Local and Travel boys teams that go year round. With boys Local we have 4 different seasons so your athlete has the ability to get in at many times throughout the year. Contact us when your athlete is ready to try a practice.


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Need to Make the School Team?

Once your athlete has been training they will likely want to represent their school. In San Diego Boys Volleyball is very competetive and a well followed sport by the school communities. We see athletes get great satisfaction from making the school team. We work hard to help your athlete make the team. We have training products that will help you get the edge you need. Try Summer Camps, Advanced Clinics, or Private lessons.

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Advanced Clinics

Private Lessons

Want to Play at the Next Level?

Since 2010 we have helped our players continue their game at the collegiate level. While not every kid decides to play after High School we have a system we have developed that we stand behind to assit with college placement. We believe in an athlete focussed recruiting plan and this means we work harder to help the athlete find the school that is the right fit for them. We want them to use this process to develop a passion for following their heart and seeking for the right fit for them on many levels. Genuine is here to help you achieve your goals and here are some resources to make this a reality.

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The College Path

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Boys Director Brandon Gonzales

Hi Parents I hope we can coach your son and help them reach their highest level of development in the game and also prepare them for the challenges of life through teamwork and competition. Please reach out any time to discuss any of these opportunities
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